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Slavery. What was the root of it and why did it happen? Why does it continue to happen today? These are widely surveyed questions that can entail many different answers. Join in the discovery of it all.Start a discussion, add a link, or voice your opinion.Under Construction...

Created by Katricia Thompson

Discussion: Why does slavery continue to happen today?
In my opinion, there are several factors that would cause the perpetuation of slavery. Below are a few examples.
  1. Increase Personal Gain: When a corporation, for example, wants to increase profits they can begin to do so by first decreasing expenses. One way to decrease expenses would be to hire cheap labor. If the corporation can continue to increase its sales and revenue, the corporation can keep more of its income by giving less to their workers. Using slaves seems like the ideal for some because the corporation could keep almost all of its earnings, assuming the slaves aren't paid money.
  2. Racism: I think that from slavery, racism was born. And in some circumstances, it is with racism that slavery can continue. In the context of US History, Africans were brought to the United States to work as slaves, so perhaps that is what brought Americans to believe that they were of no greater value than that of a worker. Once that became a common way of thinking, it would be hard to accept the idea that people of African descent could possibly become something greater. I think racism aids in perpetuating slavery because some people still have a racist way of thinking and apply it to the work force.